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    The CDC has stated that Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is a necessary first step of any disinfection process.
    Cleaning removes organic matter, salts and visible soils, all of which interfere with microbial inactivation.
    The physical act of scrubbing with detergents and rinsing with water removes substantial numbers of microorganisms. If a surface is not cleaned first, the success of the disinfection process can be compromised.


Frequently asked questions

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    1. What method of cleaning is recommended by carpet manufacturers?
    Hot water extraction,or carpet steam cleaning, is recommended and is the method I use. The Double Method [shampoo&steam] which I use, adds another dimension of effectiveness to the cleaning process. The shampooing loosens and suspends the soil making the second step,[hot water extraction] more effective.
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    3. How long will it take for the carpets to dry?
    As little as 20 minutes, and as much as 3 to 6 hours depending on various factors such as mount of soiling,air humidity the thickness, design, and fiber content all play a role in fast drying of the carpet. Drying time can be dramatically reduced by use of my Studebaker fan,which draws dryer air from the top of the room and places it on the carpet surface. One 12 by 14 ft room is usually dry within 20 to 30 minutes.
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    2. How often should I steam clean my carpet?
    Carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning at least once a year. If special conditions exist such as heavy traffic from children, pets etc. you may need my service more frequently. It's important to regularly clean and maintain the carpet fibers by vacuuming once a week so that embedded soil will not wear and fade the carpet prematurely. This will also improve the effectiveness of my deep extraction carpet and upholstery steam cleaning.
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    4. What is carpet dry cleaning?
    What you are referring to is not really dry cleaning but a method called Bonnet Buffing. It is not a deep extraction type of cleaning. A solution is sprayed on the carpet surface , then a machine with a cloth bonnet on the bottom removes the top layer of soil from the carpet. Casinos, restaurants,anywhere there is extraordinary human traffic is where this is sometimes used.With my double method cleaning, shampoo and steam, you can have the best of both,deep extraction and fast drying.
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    5. The last time my carpet was cleaned, the next day there was a white residue on my carpet. What was that?
    This is a common problem. Deodorizing powders that are put on the carpet in excessive amounts can lay at the bottom of the pad and granules are so fine that they 're impossible to remove. The granules will always eventually wick back to the surface of the carpet and it will have to vacuumed more frequently to temporarily remove the white powder. Please do not use these white powder deodorizers excessively. Call me and I'll have the solution to your pet odor removal problems.
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    6. My carpets have been down 1 year and are not that soiled,but have a few stains on them. Can you spot clean my carpet?
    I can do that but do not recommend spot cleaning. First of all you mentioned that the carpet has not been cleaned for a year. It's time for a full service shampoo and steam cleaning, to help maintain your carpets appearance and prolong it's life. The problem with spot cleaning is once the spotted areas that I clean are dry, they show up against the background of even a moderately soiled carpet. Carpet and upholstery steam cleaning should be done at least once a year.
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    7. Carpet Shampoo does what in the steam cleaning process?
    It loosens and suspends the soil, so that the second method, deep extraction steam cleaning, can rinse the carpet and remove dirt and soil. Carpet shampoo has soil suspenders which other cleaning agents don't include.
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    8. You say the safest way to add a sanitizing agent is by carpet shampooing. Why ?
    When a carpet is shampooed, the disinfectant property of the shampoo is encapsulated in the shampoo and directly applied to the carpet, not airborne, or[ atomized ] like from a power sprayer. There is no need to clear the room of children and pets with my simple and direct application of biodegradable, carpet sanitizing shampoo. It is eco friendly and can help control mold and mildew.
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    9. Last year when I steam cleaned my carpets and upholstery, the 2 men who did the work barely spoke English. I could not explain to them how unhappy I was with the work they were doing. They seemed to be rushed in their work,complaining to each other about what to do and when. They were definitely untrained. I felt they were not on my side.
    Unfortunately , this is the most common response I hear from people. When a person is making perhaps $8 a hour cleaning carpets, rugs ,and upholstery it really isn't in his vested long term interest to perform at the highest level.Their training, and lack of experience, could cause concern. You are sometimes playing Russian roulette when you hire a company that uses cleaning crews. This is one reason my business is owner operated. As a professional carpet and upholstery cleaner,I'm dedicated to your utmost satisfaction.
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    10. Are their certain UPHOLSTERY fabrics that cannot be cleaned?
    Most definitely yes. I will not clean any piece of furniture unless I can clean it safely and effectively.Unfortunately,consumer laws in this country do not allow the necessary information to be displayed properly. Information is given only on the contents of the fabric on the inside of the piece,never on the outside. Maybe someday consumer laws will improve and manufacturers will list on the furniture precisely what material is on the outside. instructions.
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    11. I have an off white bedroom carpet and all around the edges there are black stains What is this and can these stains be removed?
    In most cases,carbon soot accumulation is the mischief maker. It locates in corners of a room,around the edges of the carpet,near baseboards,air registers,under doorways and in other areas where moving air may filter throughout carpet fibres.In most cases this problem of carbon soot on a carpet can be corrected with a restorative procedure I employ.
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    12. Is one of your carpet and upholstery cleaning services flood damage, water damage, and restoration?
    Although I'm a carpet and upholstery cleaning specialist, I'll also do minor carpet restoration procedures. For instance, if water has soaked your rug or carpet, as long as there isn't a pad under the carpeting, I'll remove the water, disinfect, dry the area, and clean it, in efforts to salvage the carpet or rug so you will not spend additional money in replacement costs.

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