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    The CDC has stated that Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is a necessary first step of any disinfection process.
    Cleaning removes organic matter, salts and visible soils, all of which interfere with microbial inactivation.
    The physical act of scrubbing with detergents and rinsing with water removes substantial numbers of microorganisms. If a surface is not cleaned first, the success of the disinfection process can be compromised.

During this difficult time for us all, I wanted to  assure all of my customers  [many of you I have known for years] and my future customers, of my absolute commitment to your personal safety. I have added these precautions:

1.Surgical masks will always be used. 
2.Plastic surgical gloves will be used at all times.
3.Surgical booties will be worn at all times.


More than ever, I will not intrude on your personal space and respect the physical space between us as a safety margin.
           As always my cleaning products are non toxic and biodegradable. I employ Sanitizing agents in my shampoo
 and use a disinfectant on upholstery that kills 99% of germs,
​ and is completely safe to use around children and pets.

                            WHY CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING MATTERS

                 These surfaces are often overlooked The couch is a cozy, comforting place to rest when one has a virus. Although I cannot claim to completely eliminate Covid-19  or any other virus, professional carpet and upholstery cleaning conditions are not hospitable to the lifespans of viruses.
​           If the new strain of Coronavirus proves to be like those already tested in the past, professinal cleaning will decrease the chances of coronavirus surviving on your interior textiles. Thankyou, please stay safe and healthy, and I hope to hear from you soon.
​                                                                                                   John Layton ,owner.