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    The CDC has stated that Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is a necessary first step of any disinfection process.
    Cleaning removes organic matter, salts and visible soils, all of which interfere with microbial inactivation.
    The physical act of scrubbing with detergents and rinsing with water removes substantial numbers of microorganisms. If a surface is not cleaned first, the success of the disinfection process can be compromised.


Upholstery Cleaning

UPHOLSTERY CLEANING: Simply stated I will use the same care and attention  I use for my carpet cleaning services. Pre-inspection of the furniture fabric is essential! My specialties include: Microfiber, Polyester and Olefin, Cotton, Haitian Cotton, Wool, Nylon Velour's, Velvets, Brocades & many more. Please don't be shy about informing me of any special soiling conditions.I also clean upholstery in cars, trucks, and vans.

New Jersey Carpet Cleaning Services: Carpet Shampoo and More
The following is a short list of our New Jersey carpet cleaning services:
  1. Olefin & Berber:
    A special solution would be used on these carpets to remove soil. Olefin resists stains very well, but soils quickly.
  2. Expert stain removal:
    Here is a list of common stains which I remove: coffee, tea, wine, feces, urine, protein based stains, blood, nail polish, rust , chewing gum, , soda, shoe polish.[ Please understand that I can never guarantee all stains or soiled conditions can be completely corrected. This includes urine, dye stains, ink, mustard, and pet hair in some fabrics.]
  3. Carpet and upholstery protector:
    Applied to the fabrics after cleaning to help keep them looking like new and to ensure soiling conditions and stains will be removed easily on your next scheduled cleaning.
  4. Power drying:
    What's called a Studebaker Fan is placed on the carpet or in the general proximity of damp upholstery. An average size room 12 by 14 is usually dry within half an hour. This fan draws the dryer air from the top of the room and distributes the air on the carpet, dramatically reducing drying time. Now you can have both, deep extraction and fast drying!
  5. GREEN Cleaning:
    While my cleaning agents are children and pet friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable, I also employ green cleaning agents for an extra margin of safety if allergies and asthma are issues. My New Jersey carpet cleaning company is as environmentally friendly as I can make it.
  6. Mattress cleaning:
    This is especially necessary if you have allergies, asthma, and where dust mite critters could be part of the problem. A special low moisture furniture tool will be put to use in the cleaning process.